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Karate, an art that stresses defense rather than offense, offers both mental and physical benefits: Physical strength, speed, agility and coordination are developed along with self-confidence, respect and a positive self-image.

This program teaches the traditional style of Okinawan karate and is designed for youths, teens and adults.Goju Ryu is a traditional style of karate with it’s roots tracing back over 500 years. Goju Ryu combines hard striking attacks such as kicks and punches with softer circular techniques for blocking and controlling the opponent. Techniques include joint locks, breaks, throws, sweeps, and grappling. Students are taught the basic approach to fighting; distance, countering, and power generation.

Culture of the Karate School:

  • Committed to Excellence
  • Teaches children about strangers and personal safety issues
  • Recognizes that all students learn at different rates
  • Fosters an atmosphere of respect and self-improvement